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Wear inside fabric underwear. Use for light to heavy bladder protection.


Increase absorbency inside disposable briefs, undergarments, and protective underwear.


Our disposable adult protective underwear fits just like regular underwear, tears away at the sides for easy removal and has leak free leg cuffs to leave you worry-free.


Our adult incontinence briefs range from moderate to superior protection and allow you the mobility and security to live freely.

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Formulated with a mild and effective cleansing formula to help decrease bacteria and enriched with aloe vera and chamomile to nourish skin.


TotalDry waterproof disposable Underpads come in 2 sizes: 30" x 30" and 36" x 36".

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I have severe incontinence and the Total Dry Ultimates keep me dry for most the night. They are soft and long enough too. I have tried many brands and these pads, in my opinion, are the best!

Best booster pad I've tried and I've tried plenty. They're soft and gentle on my skin and very absorbent. I can get through the night with no leaks. Price is great too!

I purchase these brief liners for my 94 years old aunt, and she loves them!

Yes I have Stress Incontincey !!! And I am always looking for the Total Dry Boost Ups!!! Thank you very much for your Service of me being able to get them.

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Advanced Absorbency Technology

All TotalDry absorbency products are engineered with proprietary technology that absorb at a rate significantly faster than other brands.

Feel confident and in control with TotalDry premium absorption products.

Complete protection against leaks and odors.

Our innovative moisture-wicking technology provides you with superior protection.

Keeps you dry and comfortable.

Soft, quick-drying, non-woven materials help keep you dry and fresh.

Stays hidden under clothes.

Keep a low profile with our discreet, quiet design.


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For over 40 years, TotalDry has been dedicated to creating high-quality products for individuals dealing with bladder leaks and incontinence – to help them feel secure, dignified, and in control.