Industry Partners

Millions of people are affected by urinary or bowel incontinence every day. TotalDry’s adult incontinence products are used in a variety of industries to help those who experience incontinence or memory loss feel more comfortable and confident in their day-to-day lives. Here are some of our industries we serve:

Memory Care
TotalDry’s products are crucial for those in long-term care as a result of Alzheimer’s, dementia, and other types of problems that affect memory. We are proud to provide products that meet the needs of people with these conditions.

Assisted Living
Assisted living residences/facilities are an important segment of our business. Many people who suffer from incontinence likely need other accommodations and care, and assisted living facilities use our products every day to help their residents live more confidently and comfortably.

Nursing Homes
The nursing home industry is another industry that requires the highest-quality adult incontinence products on the market. TotalDry’s line of products provides unmatched reliability and comfort for those suffering from incontinence, and nursing homes rely on us to supply them with products that meet the demands of their residents.

Home Health Care
Whenever care is administered at home to a person with incontinence, the comfort of the person is paramount. That’s why we supply our adult incontinence products to licensed health care professionals and caregivers in the home health care industry.

Hospitals treat all manner of diseases, conditions, and injuries, and many of these ailments also require treatment of incontinence. Hospitals need the best supplies to provide the best treatment, and TotalDry is proud to provide hospitals with the highest-quality incontinence products on the market.

Hospice Care
Many people who are near the end of their lives require adult incontinence products to keep them comfortable. People in hospice care often need our products to limit the discomfort associated with incontinence.

If you or your business operates in any of these industries, our adult incontinence products can help you provide the highest quality of care for your patients, residents, or loved ones. Browse our products today to see what we have to offer.