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For family caregivers, trying to help a loved one manage incontinence can be overwhelming – especially if you are still raising children. Total Dry premium absorbency products are engineered and tested to provide maximum comfort and protection against wetness, leaks and odor. We worked with nurses and professional caregivers to create simplified, effective solutions to help all caregivers select the right products. Our three programs are curated to meet the needs of individuals with different levels of bladder leakage or incontinence.

Three Total Dry programs: light active, moderate days and heavy nights


Enjoying activities with confidence  

  • For light leaks, Bladder Control Pads and Guards come in various sizes and absorbency levels.
  • A soft, quick drying top sheet and a super absorbent core locks in fluid and odor.
  • Pads attach directly to regular underwear with an adhesive strip, offering discreet protection.
  • A waterproof backing keeps fluid from passing through.
pads & guards


Feeling comfortable and in control all day

  • Add a Boost Up inside Protective Underwear to protect against moderate to heavy leaks.
  • Boost Ups provide hours of additional wear time, help prevent leaks and reduce the number of changes.
  • Save time and money by replacing the Boost Up when it is full, before needing to change your Protective Underwear.
  • Preferred by adults with good mobility. 
BOOST UPSunderwear


Getting a full night of restful sleep

  • For moderate to heavy nighttime incontinence,  insert a Boost Up in X-Plus Brief and place an Underpad on the bed.
  • Create a custom and snug fit with refastenable tape tabs on the X-Plus Brief that can be adjusted multiple times.
  • Wake up dry and refreshed, the Boost Up inside the X-Plus Brief offers the greatest absorbency on the market.
  • Rated #1 by Forbes, our Underpads protect the bed from leaks better than all other bed pads. 
BOOST UPSBriefsBed Pads

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