Finding the Right Products

A leaky bladder doesn't have to disrupt your life. Whether you are starting a hobby, you don't want to miss the important moments, or you simply want to enjoy time with a friend, TotalDry bladder protection products can help you live an active, worry-free life.

The products you need vary depending on the type of incontinence, your activity level and body type. For more information about bladder leaks and incontinence, visit our FAQ and blog.

Below is a guide to the features of our products.

Boost-Up Inserts

Designed to add extra protection and comfort inside disposable briefs, undergarments, and protective underwear, our Boost-Ups absorb 3x faster than brands on the market. Adding a Booster can extend the wear-time so you don’t need to change your outer garment as often, saving you time and money.

Our Boost-Ups offer moderate to heavy bladder leakage protection, and are available in various lengths, in contour or rectangular shape.

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Pads & Liners

Our innovative Pads and Liners are made with our proprietary 3D nonwoven design, offering a soft, quick drying top sheet and a super absorbent core to lock in fluid and reduce odor.

TotalDry Liners and Guards are a thin, lightweight option, while maintaining superior strength that will not bunch or tear. 

Pads and Liners come is various lengths and shapes. Choose a pad that is comfortable when worn but is big enough to provide the right protection.

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Briefs & Underwear

Protective Underwear, or disposable pull-ons, have tear-away sides and model reusable fabric underwear. They provide moderate to maximum absorbency to help with full bladder leaks and odors. They are often worn during the day and are able to absorb a sudden gush of urine.  

Fitted Briefs are highly absorbent and have refastenable tape tabs that can create a secure fit. These are typically a better solution for nighttime bladder leakage, heavy incontinence and bowel incontinence..

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