About Us

With decades of experience and knowledge, we know that better products lead to better health and well-being.

For over 40 years, Total Dry has been dedicated to creating products for individuals dealing with bladder leaks and incontinence. Our array of high quality products are engineered to help individuals feel secure, dignified and in control.

As absorbency materials and technology evolve so have our products. Our steadfast focus on quality never wavers and our teams in North America and Asia own and monitor every aspect of the design, production and distribution process: from sourcing raw material to final quality checks.

Whether purchasing for yourself, a loved one, someone you care for, or your caregivers, Total Dry is committed to offering cost effective products to help individuals with any level of incontinence find the right products and fit. Additionally, our customer service specialists provide personalized phone and email support – answering any questions about proper care, products and sizing across our product line.

Thank you for your interest in Total Dry. We can't wait for you to try our products and experience greater comfort and dryness – and have the confidence to live life to the fullest!

Our Mission

To preserve dignity and improve people’s lives with superior incontinence products by constantly pursuing the highest quality and latest innovations, supported by exceptional service.

Values that Guide Us

Integrity, trust and respect are our foundation 

Passion for enriching lives and protecting health  

Pioneering incontinence products through technology, innovation and research  

Set the standard with clinical validation

Commitment to honest pricing and discreet delivery