Incontinence in Nursing Homes

When your parents or loved ones cannot effectively care for themselves in old age, nursing homes provide a place where they can receive the professional care and attention they need. These communities are essential, and they can offer around-the-clock care for those that need it most. Incontinence in nursing homes is one of the most important conditions to address. While seniors rely on nursing homes for high-quality care, nursing homes turn to TotalDry™ to provide adult incontinence products for all types of urinary and bowel incontinence.

As we get older, and health issues become more prevalent, many seniors experience urinary or bowel incontinence that requires incontinence products for comfort and cleanliness. This is especially true in nursing homes where residents require around-the-clock care from professional caregivers. Since incontinence in nursing homes is fairly common, it’s crucial to acquire premium quality products that won’t break the bank. While many hospitals and nursing homes use low-quality products, we proudly offer high-quality adult incontinence products at the best prices that eliminate leakage and odors, so nursing home residents can live more comfortably and confidently.

Our Products Can Help

When it comes to the best selection of adult incontinence products for nursing homes, TotalDry™ is the industry leader you should turn to. We design and manufacture our own products, which means better prices for you. Whether you need underpads, liners and guards, reusable underwear, or any of our other products that address incontinence in nursing homes, we have them at industry-leading prices for your convenience. Consider adding TotalDry’s products to your nursing home to improve your residents’ quality of life. Whether you’re a nursing home resident or caregiver, our incontinence products are designed to meet your needs. Browse our selection today to see what we have to offer, and add these products to your nursing home.