Traveling with Incontinence: A Helpful Guide

Traveling tends to be an exciting experience, but there can occasionally be worries that detract from the overall experience. If you deal with incontinence, wondering how you’ll manage it while traveling may be one such concern. We don’t want your discomfort to get in the way of your journey. As such, we’ve made a list of ways you can manage your incontinence while traveling.



1. Have a Care Bag


Have a small bag on you at all times that’s equipped with an assortment of adult care products. These may include protective items such as liners, an extra pair of underwear, and bags for disposal. Having these on hand can keep you rest assured that you have a backup plan for any situation.



2. Book an Aisle Seat


When traveling with incontinence, if you’re flying, try to book an aisle seat that’s close to the restroom. The easier your access to the restroom is, the better. This will save you the hassle of continuously having to walk past people or the entire length of the center aisle while in the air.



3. Plan Your Route


If you’re driving, plan your route so that you never have to drive too long without accessing a restroom. Familiarize yourself with the areas you’ll drive past, and plan out stops every half hour or so. You may not need to stop for each of them, but it’s good to know that you have several options.



4. Be Mindful of Your Diet


Your diet has a lot to say when it comes to your bladder—especially when managing incontinence. You always want to treat yourself when on vacation, but it’s helpful to be aware of what may negatively affect you. If you control portions or slightly adjust certain dishes, you may find that you’ll suffer less in the long run.



5. Set Alarms During the Night


It can be stressful when you’re sleeping in a foreign bed, as you may be worried about leaking onto the sheets. If you set alarms throughout the night, you may be able to avoid this by allowing yourself plenty of opportunities to relieve yourself. You can also bring underpads along with you to avoid any potential leaks from reaching the mattress.



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