Exercise Tips for Seniors that will Improve Their Bladder

Seniors need to exercise as they grow older to maintain their physical and mental health. It’s helpful to know how different exercises impact different parts of our body so we can put together a well-rounded exercise routine.

It isn’t uncommon for seniors to experience some form of incontinence as they get older. As our muscles weaken, our ability to hold urine can begin to decrease. Fortunately, some exercises can help prevent any uncomfortable leaks. Learn the best exercise tips for seniors that will improve their bladder.

Kegel Exercise

When it comes to strengthening your bladder muscles, kegel exercise tops most lists. This consists of sitting or laying down and contracting your pelvic muscles. You’ll want to tighten the muscles in your pelvic floor, hold them for five seconds, and release. Repeat this 10 to 15 times, three times a day. Note that it’s important to empty your bladder before performing these exercises.

Improve Your Muscles

If you improve your overall muscle strength, it will convalesce your ability to hold in your urine. This is because strengthening other muscles will help you control your pelvic muscles. Squats and lunges are popular methods for improving your lower body strength. If you do either of these exercises, be sure to not overexert yourself. Working to strengthen your muscles is a great exercise tip for seniors that will improve their bladder.

Lose Weight

Incontinence is common among individuals who carry a bit of extra weight, as these extra pounds serve to weaken the pelvic muscles. Many people who lose weight find their incontinence issues drastically improve. Sometimes, it completely solves them! Brisk walks, light weight lifting, and muscle exercises will help you lose a few pounds without making your workouts too intensive.

Don’t Forget to Stretch

To prevent injury, it’s important to always stretch before doing any type of exercise. If you neglect this task, you may pull a muscle and strain parts of your body. It’s important not only to warm up before exercising but to warm down after as well.

Stay Comfortable

If you are dealing with incontinence, you’ll want to stay comfortable and protect your clothes while you exercise. This is the most important exercise tip for seniors that will improve their bladder. A simple way to achieve this is to wear a protective undergarment. TotalDry carries high-quality adult incontinence products—a welcome addition to your exercise routine.



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