What To Pack in an Emergency Incontinence Kit

What To Pack in an Emergency Incontinence Kit

The old saying is true: it’s better to be safe than sorry. This statement is especially true for those who suffer from incontinence. This article will show people what to pack in an emergency incontinence kit so they’re ready for whatever comes their way. People should always be able to enjoy themselves no matter their situation.

Extra Clothing

Lots of people get teased for packing too many clothes when they go on vacation. However, individuals with bladder issues should pack more garments in case of an accident. They should pack things like an extra pair of pants and additional dresses, so they don’t panic if they run out of clothes. The last thing anyone wants is to purchase an outfit from a gift shop because they have nothing else left.

Protective Underwear

Adults with incontinence should always have protective underwear on hand. There is no shame in having bladder issues and buying these items. In reality, products like reusable underwear are so discrete that no one can tell when a person is wearing them. Anyone planning a getaway in the near future should check out TotalDry’s selection of items today. We want to empower our clients and ensure they have the best quality of life possible.

Waterproof Sheeting

People staying at a loved one’s house for the holidays might consider bringing waterproof sheeting with them. Our waterproof sheets are incredibly absorbent, and their unique materials reduce the likelihood of bacteria and odor. The best part is, someone can take the sheets off if they have a slip-up and throw them in the wash. No one will have to know.

People with urinary problems should know what to pack in an emergency incontinence kit. Unfortunately, individuals will these problems have to plan ahead more than others. Still, that doesn’t mean sufferers of these conditions can’t live a well-rounded life. On the contrary, if people get the right equipment from a trusted source like TotalDry, they can travel the world like everyone else.