How To Tell Your Partner You Suffer from Incontinence

How To Tell Your Partner You Suffer from Incontinence

Partners should tell each other everything. After all, honesty is the foundation of any healthy relationship. This means you can’t hide the ugly side of life. Every relationship deals with difficult issues. If you truly want to build something special, you need to be honest about the challenges you face. This guide on how to tell your partner you suffer from incontinence will show you how to get started.

Be Open To Questions

You should prepare to answer any question your partner throws your way. If they don’t also suffer from incontinence, they’ll likely have questions about it. Make sure to do your research. Tell your significant other how common this issue is and what may be causing it. Your partner will appreciate your honesty and want to help you get through it.

Mention Resources

Once you’ve answered all of your loved one’s questions, start discussing the resources available to help people in your situation. For example, you can talk about:

  • Seeing a specialist. Let your significant other know that you’ve talked to health professionals on how to mitigate symptoms of incontinence.
  • Purchasing incontinence products. Tell your partner that there are products that help when accidents occur. At TotalDry, we offer TotalDry pads that will help you stay dry. Incontinence doesn’t have to affect your social life or relationship if you’re as prepared as possible.

Be Patient

Another tip on how to tell your partner you suffer from incontinence is to be patient. Again, your significant other may not understand things if they don’t have symptoms themselves. Be patient if they don’t comprehend things or get a little nervous about your condition. Eventually, they’ll see that incontinence is just a part of you, not the entirety of who you are.

You must be honest with your partner if you want to foster a healthy relationship. As difficult as it may be, you have to tell them you’re suffering from incontinence. Hopefully, once they see that you can wear incontinence products discreetly, they’ll become accustomed to the issue and your ways of handling it. This problem doesn’t have to dramatically change your life.