How To Handle an Overactive Bladder at Night

How To Handle an Overactive Bladder at Night

Everyone deserves a good night’s rest. Those with incontinence may struggle to obtain this because of an overactive bladder. If you’re tired of always running to the bathroom, read this guide on how to handle an overactive bladder at night.

Waterproof Sheets

The incontinence products industry has started booming in recent years. For starters, adult reusable underwear is now more discreet so that you can feel more confident while wearing them. Additionally, some companies now sell waterproof sheeting fabric that you can place on top of the mattress in case you have an accident. Check out our selection of waterproof sheeting at TotalDry.

Limit Eating and Drinking

It’s never a wise idea to eat before bedtime. However, this sentiment is especially true for those with incontinence. Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Certain foods and drinks irritate the bladder, which may have you running to the bathroom at nighttime.
  • Try not to drink up to two hours before you go to sleep so that your bladder’s empty when your head hits the pillow.
  • You can wear adult incontinence products to protect you as you sleep.

Kegel Exercises

No one wants to exercise at night. But adding Kegel exercises into your nightly routine will help strengthen your bladder so that you don’t have to get up. Start by keeping your body straight on the bed. Then, lift your knees so they’re in a bent position. Finally, lift your pelvis up in the air to make your bladder stronger.

This article has shown how to handle an overactive bladder at night. Hopefully, these tips will limit the number of accidents you have while sleeping. Still, remember there’s nothing to be ashamed of. Millions of individuals suffer from an overactive bladder, and as long as you treat it, you’ll lead a full life.