How to Deal with Bladder Leaks While Pregnant

How to Deal with Bladder Leaks While Pregnant

Pregnancy comes with a host of side effects—some expected, some not. And while many factors determine what adverse effects a person may receive, age is a leading component. At this time in history, many couples aren’t having babies as young as they once did. In 2018, there was a 2% drop in birthrate, and the numbers haven’t changed much since. As such, today, many mothers have a greater chance of experiencing side effects such as urinary incontinence.

There’s a host of new experiences couples will learn to navigate when they decide to start a family. To make the process go a bit smoother, there are a few things that you can do to stave the symptoms of incontinence caused by pregnancy.

1. Avoid Caffeine

Doctors generally advise against consuming caffeine during pregnancy. One of the reasons for this is that it can cause unwelcome irritation to your bladder. As a rule, it’s advised to avoid caffeine altogether.

2. Exercise

Many people use Kegel exercises to strengthen the muscles that work in conjunction with their bladder. These workouts oftentimes include contracting and releasing the pelvis and repeated motions. You can also practice other light exercises that positively affect your entire body throughout your pregnancy.

3. Eat Smart

You’re going to gain a few pounds when carrying a child—you’ll need to change your diet to accommodate you and your baby. As such, the extra weight that you’re now carrying is going to put pressure on your bladder, which can cause it to leak. To minimize the effects, make sure you’re staying within the healthy weight range provided by a doctor; while you can’t completely dismiss gaining weight, you can manage it.

4. Use Pads

The steps above may help you to manage leaks, but there’s no guarantee that you’ll avoid them completely. Some recommend tampons to help with this issue, but we highly discourage this practice. Instead, protect yourself with TotalDry Light Pads. They will keep your clothes dry while providing you with comfort throughout your pregnancy.

After Pregnancy

There’s a chance that you’ll still experience leaks for some time following your pregnancy. This isn’t necessarily anything to worry about, as you’ve likely stretched your pelvic muscles while giving birth. Although this is likely something devoid of any danger, you should still take the proper steps to rule out a UTI.