3 Benefits of Using Booster Pads

3 Benefits of Using Booster Pads

Incontinence products, such as diapers and reusable underwear garments, are really helpful; however, during certain occasions, you may need extra support. To give you the most freedom and control, you can use booster pads in addition to another incontinence garment. Here’s our guide to the benefits of using booster pads.

Extra Absorbency

A booster pad’s main purpose is to give you greater absorbance capacity, even up to about one liter more. Individuals can wear booster pads underneath another absorbent garment, and once the booster pad is full, its flow-through design allows for the use of your regular garment. This could mean you rarely need to change your outer garment during the day if you don’t use your booster pad to capacity. This will save you from having to completely change. You can even layer them onto one another due to the flow-through design. This is great for trips or extended social events when you have limited opportunities to change or use the bathroom. This affords you peace of mind by simplifying occasions that are stressful or deserve your undivided attention. Additionally, if you experience some leaks while sleeping, the added absorbency during the night allows you to stay comfortable and keep everything contained.


Another benefit of using booster pads is the money you save by preserving your more durable garments. These comparatively cost-effective additions prevent you from using multiple pairs of reusable underwear a day and having to wash them all. Matching one pair of underwear with booster pads lengthens the life of these clothing items significantly.

Restores Your Ability to Plan

They also give you back the ability to plan your life as you would like. Incontinence may prevent you from doing certain things and make you less sure of your abilities. However, booster pads can provide an extra warning that gives you a lot of that freedom back. When a booster pad partially or completely fills, you still have some margin to decide whether to get to a changing room or continue with your day. That predictability empowers you, opens up what you can accomplish in a day, and most importantly, keeps the decision in your control.