Assisted Living Industry

As more information becomes available about managing your health and extending your active years, many seniors are able to remain active later in life without the assistance of caregivers or dedicated health care professionals. However, once conditions and symptoms of old age or memory loss begin to develop, assisted living and memory care communities present an opportunity for seniors to receive the care and attention they need while maintaining a level of comfort and independence. TotalDry™ is proud to provide a full line of adult incontinence products to the assisted living industry to help professionals care for their residents, no matter the degree of incontinence or memory loss they may suffer from.

Misconceptions About Assisted Living

Many people view assisted living communities as synonymous with nursing homes, but there are several differences. Assisted living residents are more independent than seniors in nursing homes. While people in nursing homes are often bedridden and require full nursing assistance around the clock, residents of assisted living communities usually only require help with simpler tasks such as dressing or bathing. Assisted living communities also offer different levels of care depending on each individual’s symptoms. Our products help assisted living residents maintain a level of autonomy while remaining comfortable and confident.

A Full Line of Products for the Assisted Living Industry

If you operate an assisted living community and require products to address adult incontinence, TotalDry™ has what you need. We offer a full line of adult incontinence products, including liners, guards, reusable underwear, sheets, boosters, and much more. View our full selection of products here to see what we can supply for your assisted living community. We know that comfort and confidence are top priorities for your residents, so we strive to create products that meet the needs of your residents to the fullest extent.

Contact us today to inquire about our line of products for the assisted living industry and to see how we can help your community.